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It's Exam Time - Yes it's coming up to that time of year again for lots of young people.

Hypnotherapy for children is amazing for lots of things such as - Confidence - Anger - Phobias - Low Mood - Anxiety and Stress and much much more x

I use fun powerful visualisation and relaxation techniques which has amazing effects for young people around EXAM STRESS. Whether it be Exam Study Motivation - Examination Nerves or Test Anxiety .

Hypnotherapy is such a fun positive way to allow children to feel more confident and alleviate the stress that comes with the build up to facing their exams!!

Give me a call Jayne on 07757711056 and we can chat further on how I can help with fun simple techniques that will help your child feel better about their exams xxx


Allow your child to experience the magical effects of relaxation and visualization. Children and Young People have an amazing and wonderful imagination and this is why visualization works so well. It takes them on a magical and amazing journey in their minds, in a lovely calm and relaxed way, to help with lots of things, including – stress, confidence, anxiety and anger.

πŸ’œ πŸ’œ Children and Young People (boys & girls) love the feeling of calmness – confidence and positivity that relaxation can give them.

1 Hour Relaxation Sessions - All mats & blankets supplied – Bring bottle of water.

Give me a call Jayne on 07757711056 or send me a quick email to find out more, show your interest and secure a place xx

Venue - TBC
Date - New Year Dates to be Confirmed
Time - TBC
Price - Introductory Offer - Β£4


Children and young people just like adults can feel down and also sometimes find it difficult understanding, communicating or relating to overpowering emotions and feelings. Children and young people can become overwhelmed by these confusing emotions and feelings and they sometimes engage in disruptive, risk taking, or aggressive behaviors as a way of coping.

Are you looking for something different? Something that would allow you to help support your child to -

Build Confidence

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Enable Positive Relationships

Have some Direction in Life

Work on any Anger Issues

I offer four and six week supportive program's -depending on the individual needs of the young person.

My Life Coach for Kids Program's will support your child to create happiness, confidence and success in life. Create powerful self esteem and confidence through talking - relaxation and creativity through art. Helping them grow and think for themselves, be confident in their decisions, and go for their dreams and make them happen!

My program's are all tailored for each individual young person and are - FUN and ENGAGING and they will experience something a little bit different. I allow your child to explore their emotions and feelings in a way they may have not done before, breaking through challenges to reach their full potential.

New Four week program's focusing on - Building Confidence - Anxiety Release and dealing with Anger Issues


My four week program's will quickly build confidence - deal with anger issues and release anxiety through the magical techniques of visualisation and relaxation. Allow your child to experience and learn to understand that they can be in control of their emotions and feelings.

Give me a call now to book your child on one of my programs πŸ’‘ πŸ’œ


I'm excited to finally be offering Empower & Grow Children's Workshops - Including -

Visualisation/Relaxation - A total relaxation program to alleviate anxious feelings and get rid of any negative thought patterns.

Breathing Techniques - Looking at breathing techniques to calm the mind.

Essential Oils - An introduction to the powerful and wonderful aromas of essential oils. Looking at how they can be used to calm and settle emotions and feelings.

Crystals - A lovely session in looking at all the amazing crystals and how the energy of particular crystals can help children with lots of different emotions. And have the chance to choose their own very special crystal to take home with them.

Positive Affirmations - Looking at positive affirmation cards to help overcome self-doubt and help in thinking more positively.

Age - 9 - 12
Workshop Venue - TBC
Dates - New year dates to be confirmed
Time - TBC
Light Refreshments included

Give me a quick call today or send me an email to register your interest. πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’Ÿ

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Allow your child to experience the magical effects of hypnotherapy. Children and Young People have an amazing and wonderful imagination and this is why hypnotherapy works so well. Hypnotherapy takes them on a magical and amazing journey in a lovely calm and relaxed way in there minds to alleviate lots of issues.

I have helped Young People through Hypnotherapy & Relaxation for - CONFIDENCE, ANGER, ANXIETY, EXAM STRESS, LOW MOOD. PHOBIAS And Much, Much More

What The Young People Said

Mum & Son
Jane and her services came highly recommended to me and my son Ben in the beginning by a friend. We were at a point when help or support was not available for months. Ben was truly struggling with the loss of his father and we were both at breaking point. Over the past few years we have returned to Jane for counselling because of the positive impact the sessions bring to our lives; for example how to deal with grief, support with self confidence, dealing with relaxation, the transition into high school but to name a few, but most of all the kind friendship and shoulder that Jane offers to Ben in a safe warm environment where he can share his troubles. We have found the experience as a family warm, supportive, positive and one that we will not hesitate to return to in future and would also highly recommend to others. Thank you Jane. LE Liverpool

Jane has really helped me with my emotions, settling into new schools and is very friendly. It helps because when Jane does relaxation it calms me down and all my worries go away and it makes me feel more confident about myself and what I do. BE age 11

The support I had off Jayne was good. It helped me a lot. I felt like i wasn't alone and that i had somebody to talk to. It helped me understand that my problems aren't as big as I thought. RS age 14

It helped me get everything off my chest and could concentrate on the more important stuff. The sessions helped me concentrate and listen more in school and to take a step back from the arguments. GN age 12

I have learned a lot and realised there was a reason why I harmed myself at the time. It helped me realise I never need to do it again. Jayne helped in allowing me to express myself. CS age 13

I needed help with my confidence. I am so happy now and can't believe I never believed in myself. I can't thank Jayne enough, she is a kind and loving person. MC age 15

It helped me understand what was wrong with me and helped me understand situations and what I should do. LO age 14

My sessions with Jayne helped me a lot in and out of school, also with the bullying as well. It's a place to go and it makes you feel better. KG age 12.

It gave me a place to sit and talk and learn methods to control my anger. It was very helpful for having someone there for you who is so supportive. KH age 14.

It was good to speak to someone. I can talk about the bad things in life without getting to emotional. LY age 15.

Children and Young People. believeinurself

Having someone outside the family to talk with, who can support young people in making sense of what’s going on and offer practical techniques and advice, as well as helping to re-build confidence, can really make a difference. Young people particularly welcome strategies that they can take away and use for themselves. They also tend to respond more quickly to therapy than adults.

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