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Some Kind Words

"I contacted Jayne with an issue I thought I had, after a brief conversation Jayne identified I was focusing on and trying to deal with the wrong thing.
Jayne pointed me in the right direction, and helped me understand what my issue was, how it had contributed to previous behaviour and how it was affecting my present behaviour, I could see for myself where it was taking me.

I felt so at ease with Jayne and could open up to her immediately, something I had been unable to do even to the closest people around me. Jayne has this uncanny way making you feel you have answers yourself, guiding you in the right direction. She is the most perceptive and astute person I have ever met, she sees into to your heart and your mind.

Following my sessions with Jayne I am (apologies for the cliché) a new person or maybe the person I was. My confidence has returned, my outlook on life is totally different in a positive way, most importantly the people around me see it too.

I cannot thank Jayne enough, working with her has turned my life around." IW Liverpool

"When I first got in contact with Jayne I felt as if my life was falling apart, I couldn’t control my thoughts, I was always thinking about the negatives and found it hard to focus on the positives about life. Jayne is a really calming person who has helped me turn my life around. I can’t believe how much better I feel after just four sessions with Jayne, her work is really powerful and I can’t thank her enough for helping me let go and release any of my uncontrollable negative thoughts and feelings. I feel like a new person, I can control my thoughts now and hardly ever think negative, I wouldn’t be the way I am now or feel as happy as I do if it wasn’t for Jayne helping me. " SWA Liverpool

" I wasn't a believer in counselling and hypnotherapy but when you feel like your lost in a world of uncertainty and your mind becomes your enemy I would try anything. Jayne has helped me find a way to deal with things and helped me to focus on me again when I felt so low and out of control. With sessions of hypnotherapy supporterd by counselling I feel like my life is able to move forward again and not because the past hasn't happened but because I have learnt to deal with it and to realise that I really can't move on with the next chapter of my life if I keep re-reading the last one. Can't recommend Jayne enough." xxx EM liverpool

"I was dubious about visiting a counsellor as I had visited one some years before, but hadn’t found it had helped as much as I’d hoped. However, my experience with Jayne was totally different. Jayne was recommended to me by a friend and colleague and after visiting her I know why she came so highly recommended.

Each week there was no set routine. Jayne led the sessions very much based upon what I needed at that time. Some weeks I had hypnotherapy, other weeks I had counselling – it really was a personalised programme of support. Jayne was happy to be led by me and my needs at a particular time. I think the most important thing for me is that Jayne has given me coping mechanisms for life – not just a ‘quick fix’. Although I no longer have regular appointments with Jayne, I haven’t said goodbye as I feel that I may need further support in the future and I believe there’s no-one better equipped to offer that support than Jayne. I can’t thank her enough. " KR Liverpool

"Jayne is quite simply a life changer. From the first meeting with her I knew she was the person who could help me turn things around. She totally understood where I was in my life and could see how to get me out of it. Using various techniques, she made me understand the positives in life and helped me to erase the past and negative thoughts. I feel like a totally different person at the end of our journey together and now see the future and where I can get to. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend Jayne to anybody needing help and guidance. "PG Liverpool

"Having been diagnosed with low mood/anger problems, I turned to the internet were I found Jayne's site. Although skeptical at first I was willing to try counselling/hypnosis rather than taking antidepressants, I had an initial meeting with Jayne to see if she could help, Jayne is very pleasant, very easy to talk to and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, Jayne was very informative at all stages and after just 4 one hour sessions we found my underlying problems, I now feel great, more confident, and no relapses, I truly believe in this therapy, I highly recommend Jayne to help you as she helped me. " SW Liverpool

"I have had hypnotherapy before I went to Jayne. However Jayne's approach was more than an hour of hypnotherapy. She took time to get to know me and as a result the sessions were amazing. I never felt rushed or pressured into booking more sessions. I would have no hesitation recommending Jayne and two of my friends have had therapy from Jayne and like me they have also recommended her to others. If you are considering therapy from Jayne, go for it with total confidence that she will be amazing."
JB Liverpool

"I would definitely recommend Jayne for hypnotherapy as my experience enabled me to move forward with my life and let go of things that were holding me back. I discovered new aspects of myself that I was totally unaware of and the sessions gave me the opportunity to give myself permission to be vulnerable, something I'd found hard to do before. I'll be forever grateful to Jayne." KC Liverpool

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